I sat on the table.

I proclaimed that every rule that ever was instituted in their schools and classes, is now defunct. I challenged them to define how our classroom would work. I played the entire seminal, classic, legendary  DJ Shadow album – Entroducing……6 times during free write.

Free writing was manditory, like nothing else. If you don’t acknowledge the thoughts of your own organism, then who do you think  would?

Games were always the most engaging part of class.

Students would run to the chalkboard to draw the words that their english couldn’t express.

At first, moving to China was spiritually humbling. Sometimes I think if you listen more than talk, you learn. But you also grow old. And in not too long, my listening was about expended. I started to become a facilitator. Like a bridge.

The rest of the English speaking misfits all had a way of making a decent student into a frustrated one. The look on a child’s face, who is only beginning to understand spoken english, listening to versions from different corners of the Earth. One from Ireland, one from London, one from Australia and one from the good old midwest. My midwest accent played like mashed potatoes and gravy – Yes Please!