Project Description

This is an original song by Minneapolis band BrassZilla that I recorded and mixed. I tracked on a Trident board. Microphone choices: Electro-Voice RE20 on the sousaphone (tuba), Sennheiser 421 on the trumpet and trombone, AKG D112 on the kick, SM57 on the snare with a pair of AKG 451 stereo mic’s overhead on the set, and a Royer 121 for a room mic between the horns and the drums.

Band Bio: These four reprobates, spawned of an unholy nuptial of GST and Chooglin’, blow horns and beat skins until the beer runs dry. BrassZilla plays standards from many genres as well as originals by “Hitmaker” Hal Longley.

Band Members:
Sousaphone: “Hitmaker” Hal Longley
Trombone: Zach “Low Bar” Zins
Trumpet: Bob “Pipe Fitter” DeBoer
Drums: Joe “drummerjoe” Cline

Lead Engineer: Paul Riedner
Asst Engineer: Kevin Gamble