Last night, I was walking through Uptown in Minneapolis. As I was about to turn a corner, two people emerged. I took a quick survey of the pair and I instantly felt like something was wrong. It happened in a second.

The couple looked like they were close, because they appeared to be holding each other as they walked. But the guy had to be at least 55, while the girl was no more than 25. She was obviously under the influence.

As they walked past me, something inside me provoked me to say to the girl, “Are you alright?”

Her eyes opened up wide as I spoke this and she sort of woke up. She looked to the guy walking her away from the bars and started to scream as she ran away from him.

The guy then ran in the opposite direction.

I couldn’t believe what was happening and didn’t know what to do.

The girl was screaming wildly as she sprinted back towards the bar area. She was hysterical. The guy vanished and I was left wondering what in the world just happened.