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Shutting Down Your Eyes

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Teachable Moments: Ideas for Parents

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Talking to Kids About Money: FamDoo & Financial Literacy

Paul Riedner, FamDoo Content & UX, April 23, 2014

As FamDoo’s Director of Content, I work to provide content within the Do, Learn & Be modules of FamDoo that not only focus on completing chores, but also include a wide range of activities and exercises that embrace the developmental needs of children. One of these areas includes providing our kids with […]

Warsaw Wedding


Last night, I was walking through Uptown in Minneapolis. As I was about to turn a corner, two people emerged. I took a quick survey of the pair and I instantly felt like something was wrong. It happened in a second.

The couple looked like they were close, because they appeared to be holding each other as they walked. But […]



The booths could weave you a tale for days. In all of time in China, you could not find bigger smiles and taller tales than here. When Felt: 2 was released, I had it shipped to Quzhou, China. And actually, that same time frame, I donated to KFAI radio, while listening to the show that Ryhmesayers spins on Saturdays, all […]