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Shutting Down Your Eyes

I came across a great article called, Awakening Sight, in the digital magazine Parabola recently. It tells a story of a photographer who lost one of his eyes and how he relearned to see.

What’s interesting about his and many other stories about how we perceive the world is the realization that our eyes are just one sensory input that […]

Teachable Moments: Ideas for Parents

Do you remember the exact moment that you learned your work ethic? How about the day that you mastered financial literacy? Was it August 6, 1984? Probably not. There likely isn’t a specific time that most of us can point to where we learned about these important life lessons.

We may be able to recall when we started to learn […]

ATTENTION: Service Member

Look at this notice. I wonder how many other veterans like me saw this and instantly had a mini-heart attack.

Right now I am on what they call Inactive Ready Reserve (IRR). Basically, if Big Army wants to call me back in, then they can. A diver buddy of mine that I served with was called back, so I know […]


Talking to Kids About Money: FamDoo & Financial Literacy

Paul Riedner, FamDoo Content & UX, April 23, 2014

As FamDoo’s Director of Content, I work to provide content within the Do, Learn & Be modules of FamDoo that not only focus on completing chores, but also include a wide range of activities and exercises that embrace the developmental needs of children. One of these areas includes providing our kids with […]

Warsaw Wedding


Revolutionary Propagandist Poster Art

The word “Propaganda” is a very difficult word to define. It has a long history and its purpose, intention, connotation, effectiveness and even definition varies drastically according to the cultural and ideological system disseminating it and receiving it. Early propagandist posters were one of the only ways in which governments could communicate with the masses in a more visceral […]


Last night, I was walking through Uptown in Minneapolis. As I was about to turn a corner, two people emerged. I took a quick survey of the pair and I instantly felt like something was wrong. It happened in a second.

The couple looked like they were close, because they appeared to be holding each other as they walked. But […]

Upcoming Documentary

Son Sees Sound



I was a Soldier?

I’m not sure why there is an army. Shoot, I never really get in trouble. You see how big my sister is? She lets me man the lemonade stand with her. Yup. And anyway, this is about as much of a uniform that I ever thought I’d need. We don’t have many military guys up in Minnesota, what do […]

We Are Naturally Competitive?


Kai’s Chorus

This isn’t your regular video. This is almost exclusively an audio recording. What makes this interesting is the space that it was recorded in and the range of sounds depicted. The event is my son’s baptism. At the beginning of the ceremony, I grabbed my iPhone and started recording using the app Voice Memo. Even with the inferior recording […]



The booths could weave you a tale for days. In all of time in China, you could not find bigger smiles and taller tales than here. When Felt: 2 was released, I had it shipped to Quzhou, China. And actually, that same time frame, I donated to KFAI radio, while listening to the show that Ryhmesayers spins on Saturdays, all […]

The People’s Republic

Ok, raise your hand if somebody you decided to trust (whether on radio, on television, in a newspaper, online, or in that even more dangerous comments section) told you that China is the next threat?  I know you have heard this. Not only that, but you heard that China is the heir to…us. The capitalized version, the U.S. Now […]

Sports, sports, sports

My early years were flush with sports. As my loved ones can attest to, I took great joy in physical activity and could play and practice an almost unlimited number of sports. If I persuaded you to shoot hoops or play catch, you would have to announce when you were stopping, because if left up to me, we wouldn’t. […]