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Paul was born and raised in Red Wing, Minnesota.

After one tour to Iraq/Kuwait, Paul returned to Minnesota. He earned an MBA at the Carlson School of Management – University of Minnesota, focusing on entrepreneurism, ethnographic research and innovation. This reintegration into civilian life was coupled with an integration into a business focused environment. It was his second significant experience with culture shock, due to the military and its powerful effect on perception.

Unable to identify his role in the corporate environment, Paul followed his heart and enrolled in an audio production and engineering program at the Institute of Production & Recording. Learning multiple mediums of expression and design opened greater possibilities for him to express his newfound insights and perspectives. A short film that Paul conceptualized, was selected by his peers, to be created by the class. It was his first experience as a Director.

During this time, Paul was compelled to share perspectives from a modern American soldier’s point of view. He did this in varying ways. The Star Tribune published an article that he wrote called, “Among Iraq war’s many losses: Trust” and KFAI radio aired a program that Paul produced and hosted called, “Sounds From a Soldier’s Soul”.

After Paul’s commentary piece was published, a civil rights attorney reached out to him. This attorney had represented many veterans who have been targeted by the authorities for their political views or activism. Paul was invited to speak to a class at William & Mitchell Law School called, “Law and the Justice of War – Examining legal, moral and ethical issues arising from war.”

Since stepping into the public discourse, Paul has joined efforts with a Minneapolis based non-profit that aims to return some of our local taxes that support bloated, wasteful Pentagon spending. Paul cares deeply about meeting the essential needs of the entire community and shares his experiences in the military to shed light on the truth of our federal spending priority problems. He wears a lot of hats as a volunteer: recruiting, coordinating, and training volunteers, meeting facilitation, public speaking, lobbying public officials, new media outreach, coalition partner outreach, event tabling, event photography/filming, audio/video editing, persuasive writing.

Most recently, Paul was a subject in a long-form documentary film, currently still in production, meant to give voice to returning veterans from recent wars. It is expected to be aired in Spring of 2014.

Paul is blessed with an amazing wife, a bright young son, a tongue ready golden retriever, two incredibly loving and supportive parents and a big sister without comparison.